The Guy Doing the Drinking

Hi. I’m Stephen Beaumont and I’m lucky enough to have spent that last 25 or so years sipping and savouring beers and spirits all around the world, and getting paid to write and talk about it. Along the way, I’ve managed to author or co-author ten books, beginning with the first of two editions of The Great Canadian Beer Guide back in 1994 and ending – for now! – with The Beer & Food Companion, which becomes available in October, 2015. Among my other books*, I’m extremely proud of The World Atlas of Beer, which I co-wrote with Tim Webb and has now been printed in eleven international editions in nine languages, and the two editions of The Pocket Beer Guide (Pocket Beer Book in the U.K.) I also co-authored with Tim.

Between books, I have through the years written myriad articles, columns and features for a remarkable array of magazines, like Esquire, Whisky Advocate, Saveur, The Globe and Mail, Playboy, The Celebrator, Wine Enthusiast, Taps and many, many others. These days you’ll find my work regularly appearing in Whisky Advocate, The Celebrator, Taps, The Growler and The Globe and Mail newspaper, as well as, of course, on this site, where I also post links to recently published stories.

In my travels, I often host tastings, beer dinners and other events and have been known to consult with hospitality companies both large and small, from Crystal Cruises and Disney to single outlet bars and restaurants. If you think you might like me at your event, or are opening a bar or restaurant and could use a hand with anything from the compiling of your beer list to the design of your bar and training of your staff, please follow this link for more information.

I have a few other projects in the works, so please keep an eye on this site for details as they become available.

*For the record, the complete list is: The Great Canadian Beer Guide (1994); A Taste for Beer (1995); Stephen Beaumont’s Brewpub Cookbook (1997); The Premium Beer Drinker’s Guide (2000); The Great Canadian Beer Guide, 2nd edition (2001); The beerbistro Cookbook (with Brian Morin, 2009); The World Atlas of Beer (with Tim Webb, 2012); The Pocket Beer Guide (with Tim Webb, 2013); The Pocket Beer Guide 2015 (with Tim Webb, 2014); The Beer & Food Companion (2015).