Why I Follow the Malt Imposter

You just can’t beat lines like this, from their review of the Glenlivet 18 Years Old, 50 ml bottle size, of course:

On the nose, a lemon studded with cloves that’s just been removed from the cavity of a roasted turkey and is now clutched in the oven-mitted hand of a bedraggled housewife as she menaces her husband with said lemon, threatening to place it not-so-carefully into the least forgiving of his orifices, for having asked four times how long it would be before dinner would be ready.

Then, having already seduced me with their prose, they top it off by rating the whisky in reference to two of my all-time favourite celluloid drinkers, Nick & Nora, even providing a link to a “greatest drinking hits” clip on YouTube.

I enjoy the Imposters — John, Stephen, and Bill — so much that seldom do I turn immediately to their new posts, preferring instead to let several accumulate so that I may, in a moment of leisure, enjoy their all at once. If you’re unfamiliar with these guys, I recommend you remedy that situation soonish.

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