When Did We All Get So Serious?

Seriously, when? I refer, of course, to the not inconsiderable discourse that has developed surrounding the new video pulled together by the guys at New Brew Thursday, entitled “I Am a Craft Beer Drinker.” It’s fashioned after Greg Koch’s original “I Am a Craft Brewer” video, which he made a year or so ago, and several other vids that have made the rounds since. If you haven’t yet watched it, go take a look over here. (I’d embed it, but WordPress doesn’t seem to play nicely with Vimeo.)

It seems to me that this is a light-hearted piece of passionate craft beer enthusiasm. But no, according to numerous sources on the web, it is either a scurrilous piece of self-promotion, an insidious bit of semi-evangelical nonsense or a bunch of self-congratulatory tripe. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the comments here and here and here and, if you’re a BA member, here.

Strikes me that a whole bunch of beer aficionados have forgotten Stan Hieronymus’ all-important Beer Rule #4: It is only beer.

17 Replies to “When Did We All Get So Serious?”

  1. I think the response to the video is a bit overblown to be honest. My biggest issue with it is I didn’t find it interesting enough to actually watch the whole thing!

  2. The only thing that got me was the “We must!” part about teaching the unwashed masses about the variety of beer; maybe a bit overwrought. But otherwise? Yeah, mostly fun. So when are we going to put together “I Am A Craft Beer Blogger”?

  3. I did think my post was somewhat tongue in cheek even if over the top – but the culprit is neatly summarized in comments suggesting that those not in love with the info-mercial need to go out and “promote the industry” otherwise.

    What an odd idea. It is, after all, only beer.

  4. I’m glad the industry as a whole is being promoted. However, the appearance of various brand logos multiple times in the video, no matter how unintentional they may (or may not) have been, gives the appearance of product placement. Consumers are hip to this sort of thing, and piping in that stirring background music doesn’t really help either.

    Mainly, I’m not sure which audiences will find this appealing and which ones will find it preachy. Think about it: the people who don’t take beer that seriously probably won’t take this video that seriously, either. But if the point is to serve as a congratulatory attaboy, then mission accomplished.

    Perhaps I’m more of a believer in word-of-mouth marketing, and then letting people discover on their own. As long as the information is out there (like these helpful beer blogs…), they’ll find it if they’re interested. Should this video divert folks to better beer, then I’m all for that, too.

    In my opinion, we’re probably doing more for the cause by just continuing the overall conversation about beer. So unfortunately, you’ll have to mark me down in the “curmudgeon” category for now.

    1. Hey, I’m down with the curmudgeoness, E.S. (Or should that be curmudgeontude?) In fact, I aspire to it. But in the case of IAACBD, I’m simply of the mind that it should be taken for the harmless little vid I think it is.

  5. I thought the original was a bit cheesy, and this one more so. Of course we all agree with the message. That’s not the point.

    I think there is room for “I Am a Craft Beer Blogger.” In it, we would all be in our pajamas, unshaven, kids and/or significant others screaming in the background for our attention, knocking down the stack of books and notebooks which then knocks down our glass of beer, as we say with dead earnest faces, “We are passionate about what we do.”

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