Thoughts on the Mondial, 2012

It’s on now, the Mondial, that is. At Place Bonaventure in downtown Montréal. Here’s why you should be thinking about attending:

1) It’s true what they say that the Mondial is not a cheap place to drink, especially if you’re intent on sampling some of the more unusual beers. But there’s no admission and if you want to bring your own sampling glass, you’re free to do so. Plus…

2) The Mondial is an original. Can you name another beer festival, hell, another place in North America where you can try beer from four Argentinian breweries, a dozen Brazilian ones, nine Italian brewers and a couple from Switzerland? Neither can I!

3) Yes, the concrete hall at Bonaventure has not the charms of the Gare Windsor, where the Mondial took place until two years ago, but at least it handles the crowds better.

4) Schneider Mein Eisbock Barrique. Antares Barley Wine. Bodebrown Imperial Stout. Brasseurs Sans Gluten (seriously!). Benelux Cigogne. Hopfenstark Boson de Higgs. And so much more…

5) What? You’ve never had kangaroo with your beer?

6) And where else but in Montréal are there so many attractive post-fest alternatives? (Okay, several other places, granted, but in two languages?)

They judge at the Mondial, as well. Check out the winners of this year’s Concours MBière Greg Noonan here, and get more fest info over here. The tasting continues to Sunday.

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  1. 5. I’ve never had a beer with a kangaroo. I imagine they would fall somewhat short in the conversation department.

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