The beerbistro Cookbook

I’ve been sitting on my hands and not posting about this until I was sure it was available Stateside as well as in Canada, but as I note that it’s now on the international Amazon, Borders and Barnes and Noble sites, I figure the time has come to announce the arrival of…

Yep, it’s now out there in all its full colour, gloriously illustrated and hard-covered glory, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty pleased with it. Chef Brian Morin did a wonderful job on the food, Mike McColl added his positively gorgeous pics – quite a number of them, in fact – and I contributed some, too, with detailed sections on beer and food pairing, beer tastings, dinners and even pouring techniques, beer and cheese affinities and a last section on beer cocktails.

Of course, I’m biased, but I do believe it’s well worth the $40 cover price, although of course it’s available online at the usual outlets for less. And since Carol Smagalski contributed such a detailed review to Amazon, I’m going to send you there.

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