Tasted!: Molson Canadian Wheat

Molson has jumped into the wheat beer racket! Okay everyone, simmer down, I know that you’re all excited by this momentous development, but we need to evaluate this beer first. So let’s get started.

It must be said that this looks like a wheat beer, although more the Belgian variety – its light colour evokes the unmalted wheat typically used in that style – as opposed to the generally more robust Bavarian version. On the nose, however, something is lacking. Okay, everything is lacking. There is no banana-clove of a Bavarian weissbier and neither is there the fruitiness of peppery spiciness of an orange peel- and coriander-flavoured Belgian bière blanche.

So, what’s left?

Honestly, not much. Most of the aroma notes I get are reminiscent of fresh grain or maybe a breakfast cereal. It’s lightly sweet, vaguely perfumey and, well, just grainy. The flavour isn’t much different, either. There are some light lemony notes from the wheat, but mostly it’s just an off-dry, Wheaties-crossed-with-Saltine-crackers sort of taste, with a drying in the second half to an off-dry, slightly cloying finish. For some reason, Molson apparently elected to ferment this with a lager yeast rather than take the more traditional ale yeast approach, which I suppose contributes to this beer’s generally lean and straight-forward flavour profile.

Conclusion? If you’re expecting a typical wheat beer of almost any sort, Belgian or German or even basic North American wheat ale, expect to be disappointed. If, however, you’re looking for an innocuous summer quaffer meant to be consumed ice-cold and in a fairly expeditious manner, this might be just what you’re after.

5 Replies to “Tasted!: Molson Canadian Wheat”

  1. You brave soul. I was eying this at the store but couldn’t bring myself to shell out the money for a six pack. Somehow, just didn’t seem worth it for an experience I was almost positive would be a let down.

  2. I feel your pain on the fact that it’s not as harsh as a true micro wheat,but I would have to say that as a cold refreshing beer with your meal or on the deck on a hot day it beats any full wheat tasting beer that I have had. I enjoy the best of both worlds. A lite beer with taste. Wheat beer with a smooth finish. And price should be the same as regular beer.

  3. Yes, our beer is meant to be drank by the gallon. And you can drink alot of these. I figured this would be bigger than it is. Tastes are changing and strong malty ales like Labatt 50 are out. Wheat beer will get bigger.

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