Tasted!: Alley Kat White Tail Hefeweizen

I don’t intend to linger on this beer, not because it’s unworthy — it’s quite nice, in fact — but because it’s my third tasting post of the day and I find these things start to get tedious around that level. And if I start getting bored writing them, I’m assuming you all must feel the same about reading them.

The White Tail from Edmonton’s Alley Kat Brewing, then, in a nutshell. (“Help, I’m a hefeweizen trapped in a nutshell. Get me out of here…”) It’s easy to get so used to explaining the banana-and-clove character of Bavarian style hefeweizens that sometimes you wind up overlooking those same traits in the beers you’re drinking. Not this one. Banana sundae hits the nose before the beer is even fully poured, adding pineapple and faintly peppery spice notes once it calms down a bit.

On the first sip, though, the banana is back, along with the pineapple and the mango and other bits and pieces of tropical fruitiness, before some light hoppiness and dryly citrus notes arrive to keep everything in check. The finish actually manages to be just off-dry and a little lemony, but because this is a well-bottle-conditioned beer – and without getting too graphic – when the inevitable burp arrives, well, the banana is back once again. Not for the fruit-phobic, but definitely a pleasant diversion for the summertime.

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