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I’m way overdue for this, probably because it’s been such a crap summer here in southern Ontario and I haven’t yet experience the kind of heat and sun that makes me reach for the ice bucket and a bottle of good gin. But a post by Jack Robertiello over at his Drinks Ink blog, combined with the arrival of a lovely box of artisanal tonic waters from KegWorks, was enough to remind me that this was supposed to be my self-declared Summer of Gin, and I’d better damn well get on with it.

Hey, man does not live by beer alone. At least, not this man.

I’ve been assembling quite the assortment of gins in my liquor cabinet of late. There’s the new Beefeater 24, Tanqueray Rangpur, my go-to Plymouth, both Martin Miller’s – the regular plus the stronger Westbourne – some G’Vine and I think even a little of the Rogue Spruce stuff kicking around the back. Plus, a little over a week from now, I’ll be paying a visit to the new Sipsmith Distillery in Hammersmith, London, to sample their London Dry Gin. And then there are those tonics I’m itching to pair off against one another.

Long story short, stay tuned for several upcoming posts about gin instead of beer. (Don’t worry, gin-o-phobes, there will still be plenty of beer in the mix. Hell, I’m going to London primarily for the Great British Beer Festival, so chances are high I’ll be posting more than a bit about what I find there.) And while I’m always willing to pick up a bottle on my own, if there are any spirits company reps reading this who are interested in having their gin included in the mix, by all means drop me a line and we’ll see what we can arrange.

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  1. Have you ever tried Dutch gin (jenever)? In particular, I am speaking of matured jenever by the better producers (e.g., Rutte, Wees, Zuidam and Filliers). If not, you have a great treat in store.

  2. I have indeed, Mike, and it’s brilliant stuff, or at least a lot of it is. Several years ago, I spent a week exploring Belgium and the Netherlands in search of the best, and it was a week very well spent. If you haven’t, try to find some Oud Balegemse. Very rare, but also very, very good.

    1. I haven’t tried that one, but I assume you mean from this distiller:

      In Hasselt (BE) there is the national Jenever Museum. They have every brand of jenever produced in the country (for sale). It’s like Arendsnest in Amsterdam, only in Belgium and for jenever.

      1. That’s the one — a gorgeous spirit, controversially (for some) with not even a scent of juniper.

        I’ve been to the Hasselt Museum, as well. Very interesting place, and what a bar!

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