Stampede For Beer

From the website of the British publication, Off Licence News (emphasis my own):

News of the glitch spread rapidly over the internet yesterday (June 1) as consumers realised they had been charged £9 or £10 less than the £20 Tesco had been advertising.

Police were called to the company’s Greenock store after motorists caused congestion in the car park as they raced to take advantage of the error. One Twitter user reported that “tempers are flying”.

A contributor to the HotUKDeals website said he had managed to buy 15 cases for £55. The error affected a number of brands, including Stella Artois and Strongbow, which saw prices crash to as little as £7 a case.

Tesco has now corrected the error.

Still too expensive for Stella, if you ask me.  Alan?

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