Sh*t Bar Patrons Do (But Shouldn’t)

Yesterday’s post highlighted a few common bartender sins – and yes, there are still more to come – so in the interest of fairness, and in answer to Couzin Ed’s request from the Comments section, here are a few examples of equally lamentable behaviour by customers.

1. By all means, when business is slow, chat with the bartender. Part of the job description is socializing with the patrons, and assuming that you’re both reasonable people, it’s likely that some common conversational ground can be reached. But remember that when things get busy, your ongoing chat comes in a distant second to the task of getting other people drinks, and when it’s three deep at the bar, well, that may not be the best time to start up a debate over the relative worth of an American versus a British style IPA or the best gin for a barrel-aged Negroni.

2. When you have a specific way you would like a drink mixed and/or served, tell it to the bartender. Do not wait until she serves it to you one way to declare that you’d prefer it differently.

3. Never, ever click your fingers/wave your bills/yell “Hey buddy!” to get the bartender’s attention. Wait your turn, catch his eye, and be pleasant. You’ll get your drink faster.

4. Know what you’re ordering. As per another comment on the previous post, do not order a drink simply because you heard it in a song or saw it on a television show and then try to return it because you don’t like it. You bought it, you’re stuck with it.

5. Treating the bartender like your personal servant is not cool. “Please” and “thank you” go a long way.

6 Replies to “Sh*t Bar Patrons Do (But Shouldn’t)”

  1. I hate it when people stand in the well to order drinks when the bar is crowded, its there for the wait-staff in my opinion, so they’re slowing down the table service.

  2. I agree with all of these points. people can be really annoying with how specific they get with their drink orders as well. Our little swords for martinis only hold 3 olives max on them. Don’t complain that there isn’t enough booze in your drink when you asked for 6 olives. Understand basic science. 6 olives will cause a lot of displacement.

    Also, don’t order your bloody mary or other heavily mixed drink with top shelf liquor. Yeah I love to take your money when you do that, but are you really going to notice that the liquor in you bloody mary is grey goose.

  3. Please, remember that a Purple Motherf****er is not a real drink. I, as a bartender, have no idea how the bartender at Señor Frog’s in Cabo San Lucas made it. I will, however, make you an alternative, and I promise it will be purple

    and expensive.

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