Sharp on Whisky

I seem to have started writing for the Canadian men’s magazine, Sharp, which I think is only available in Canada, but may also be sold south of the border. My first drinks story for them is illustrated by the tasty looking photo above, and is, of course, about Canadian whisky.

I wrote it as a Canadian whisky convert, someone who used to find all such spirits, well, kind of boring, yet now has a liquor cabinet full of the stuff. Believe me, it ain’t “brown vodka” any longer, or at least some of it ain’t.

The story isn’t available online yet, so for now at least, all I can do is tease you with the photo. But it’s currently on the newsstands, if you find yourself wanting more.


4 Replies to “Sharp on Whisky”

    1. The issue is out now, but I don’t know when or if the magazine will put my story up online. I can’t post it myself for contractual reasons.

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