Rum Running Doc on CBC Sunday

I very seldom post as a result of receiving a press release, but this documentary sounds rather interesting:

Rum Running is a half hour documentary that reveals how law abiding citizens of Atlantic Canada were lured into the alcohol smuggling trade. The film depicts the high stakes role that Nova Scotia and the French Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon played during the (Prohibition) era. Every month rum runners from the Maritimes, would deliver up to 300,000 cases of alcohol – rum, whisky, wine, and other liquors – from St. Pierre to America’s notorious ‘Rum Row’ off the US northeast coast. This thriving trade injected much needed money into dozens of Maritime communities during tough economic times and made many individuals rich.

It airs in Canada on the CBC at noon this Sunday, February 19, but will also be viewable online afterwards at

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  1. I went to law school with someone from that part of Newfoundland off St. Pierre who said she was surprised in the 80s when she first travelled off the Rock to learn that booze everywhere else did not come rolled up in newspapers from France.

  2. “A great part of of our history”, Yes — history. That high speed catamaran the RCMP have on the Burin Peninsula is only there because the Mounties love to water ski 😉

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