Rolling (and Drinking) on the Rivers

As you may know if you follow World of Beer’s Facebook page, I’m on board a river cruise ship on the Rhine and Mosel rivers right now, leading a crew of 14 enthusiastic beer tourists from brewery to brewery and pub to pub. (And if you want to experience something similar early next year, albeit on land rather than water, check out my upcoming Belgian Beeer Tour here.)

Thus far, we have sampled a quintet of brews from the 25 year old Brouwerij ‘t Ij in Amsterdam; had an on-board tasting of Dutch bok beers, highlighted for me by the nutty, appley De Molen Borefts; experienced a pub crawl in Köln – to Früh, Malzmühle and Gaffel – punctuated by a look around the famous and brooding Köln cathedral; been hosted most hospitably by the good people at the Bitburger brewery; and visited a centuries-old monastery now transformed into an event center, restaurant, museum and brewery, Kloster Machern.

Of course, it’s not been all work, work, work and drink, drink, drink. There has still been ample time for some of the spectacular scenery along the way.

Photo: Maggie Beaumont

Coming up: Heidelberg, Baden-Baden and Strasbourg!

3 Replies to “Rolling (and Drinking) on the Rivers”

  1. Can you find room to fart in your cabin? I was at a business fair in Dusseldorf and stayed on a boat. It was tiny.

    1. It’s small, but not that small. Maybe a little smaller than a standard boutique hotel room, but with a balcony.

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