Oh, to be in Toronto on Burns Day

I am very fond of haggis, that wonderful Scottish dish with the terrible reputation, and have eaten it in numerous forms, from the traditional service with neeps and tatties to hors d’oeuvres portions in little pastry cups to, believe it or not, haggis-on-a-stick. But I have not yet enjoyed it in sandwich form.

Which is why I’m a wee bit disappointed to be out of town on Robbie Burns Day next week and unable to don my kilt and stroll down the road for some Haggis Sliders. They’re being served up at the Library Bar of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in downtown Toronto, from lunchtime until late night. For those unfamiliar with the beast called haggis, it’s a good way to be introduced without having to commit to an entire plateful. Although if you put all preconceptions and misgivings aside, I’m betting you’ll like it.

Incidentally, Burns Day is Tuesday, January 25. I’ll be searching for some haggis in New Orleans, and likely settling for a dram or two.

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