More Unwitting Beer Insight From Keef

Bear with me here, please. I find beer references everywhere, including in Keith Richards’ new book, Life. Like this:

What you’re looking for is where the sounds just melt into one another and you’ve got that beat behind it, and the rest of it just has to squirm and roll its way through. If you have it all separated, it’s insipid. What you’re looking for is power and force, without volume — an inner power. A way to bring together what everybody in that room is doing and make it one sound. So it’s not two guitars, piano, bass and drums, it’s one thing, not five. You’re there to create one thing.

It doesn’t take much to imagine that same sentiment as a maxim for crafting hoppy beers, does it? Not malt and hops and fruit and bitterness and alcohol and roast, but “one thing” that balances it all.

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