More Looking Back: Non-Beer Discoveries

In addition to beer finds, I’m also constantly on the look-out for new and interesting flavours in other gastronomic realms, as well. Liquid or solid, raw or cooked, fermented or distilled; I’m not all that picky, I just like good things.

In this regard, my Non-Beer Discovery of the Year has to be…

Forgotten Casks Cognac!

I discovered these gems while preparing the cognac edition of my “Accidental Connoisseur” column for Beer Connoisseur magazine, and I was blown away from the first sniff. Never have I encountered such depth and complexity within a family of brandies as what I found in these four babies, Vats 48, 49, 54 and 91001.

As I understand it, each of these is a blend based upon some very old cognacs discovered behind a false wall at Chateau Paulet, combined with some newer distillates. They are very limited in their availability and likely quite expensive – I was supplied all-too-tiny sample bottles by the importer, Preiss Imports – but if ever there was a reason to splurge, any one of these is most certainly it!

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  1. Hi Steve:

    Best Seasonal wishes to you both.

    A spirit I enjoyed recently was Myer’s rum, the one sold in Canada. At LCBO it comes only in the 1.14 L (the old 40 oz. for those of a certain age). The label states it is a blend of imported and Canadian rum. I believe the amount of Canadian rum used is either very small or very good because this is a superb traditional dark rum. It has a rich, complex flavour, is well-aged and soft and spreading on the palate. It is as good or better in my opinion than many rums that cost a lot more. I bought this on a whim and was well-satisfied with the quality.


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