Me and Michelin

In the premiere issue of Beer Connoisseur magazine, which you should still be able to find on some magazine store shelves – or subscribe here! – I wrote a story headlined “Bettering Beer & Food,” in which I sang the praises of several good food pubs in London. (Not necessarily gastropubs, I hasten to add, despite the editor’s addition of “The Rise of the Gastropub” as a sub-head on the story. Rather, I wanted to highlight pubs which simply had excellent food.) Among the places I noted are the Warrington, the Fox & Anchor, which also features terrific accommodations, and the Harwood Arms.

Now, remembering that last name, click here.

Yep, the Harwood Arms is the first pub in the British capital to achieve a Michelin star. And best of all, they did it with simple, unfussy food, well-prepared and presented, period. No pomposity, no pretence, and a sizable area maintained for those who just want to pop by for a pint or two, even at prime seating times.

Congratulations to the Harwood Arms! And Michelin inspectors, if you want any further insights, please feel free to drop me a line.

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