Kronenbourg Goes Mad(ness)

A while back, Heineken launched an ad campaign in the UK for Kronenbourg 1664 which featured Motorhead performing a slowed-down version of their classic, “Ace of Spades.” Although I’m not a huge fan of the beer — any more, since they loweed the alcohol content and märzen-esque malty appeal of the beer I recall from trips on France’s TGV in the late 1990’s — even I, a furious critic of superficial beer advertising, had to admit it was pretty clever.


(And apt, too. As I explained only recently during a presentation in Buenos Aires, the French are notoriously slow drinkers where beer is concerned.)

The reason I mention this now, other than as an excuse to post the above clip, is because Heineken just announced what their next slowed-down ad will be, namely “Baggy Trousers” by Madness. If you’re not familiar with the song, which was more a hit in the UK than it was in North America, check it out here. You can also see pre-production clips at Kronenbourg’s YouTube page.

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