It’s “Beer Hunter, Whisky Chaser” Day!

beer-hunter-whisky-chaser1Because I hate repeating myself, and think it just sloppy blogging, I will rarely – almost never, really – cross post between my three blogs. But this is no ordinary day, and this announcement is surely special.

Today marks the official release of a new book I am proud and privileged to be a part of: Beer Hunter, Whisky Chaser, a collection of new writings on beer and whisky assembled to honour the late, great Michael Jackson and, at the same time, provide valuable research dollars to the Parkinson’s Disease Society (UK).

Aside from myself, the contributing authors are a who’s who of the beer and whisky writing biz, beginning with a very personal tribute to the man himself from his loving partner, Carolyn Smagalski, and including (in alphabetical order) Dave Broom, Ian Buxton, John Hansell, Julie Johnson, Charles MacLean, Hans Offringa, F Paul Pacult, Roger Protz, Lucy Saunders, Conrad Seidl and Gavin D Smith. Aside from Carolyn’s piece, all the essays are works on the beverages in question and range from the very personal (Dave Broom’s “Three Stepps to…”) to the historic (Julie Johnson’s “Thirty Years of American Beer”) to the philosophical (book editor Ian Buxton’s “Pants to Whisky: An Authentic Link”). In total, there are thirteen essays plus an introduction by Ian Buxton, the sum total of which makes for some very fine reading.

We all contributed our services free of charge, so 100% of the proceeds will be directed towards Parkinson’s research, making this likely the most charitable volume you may ever buy. And you really should buy it, and get a couple for friends or behind the bar while you’re at it. So go ahead and click on over to Classic Expressions to read more about the book and place your order.

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  1. Dear Steve, If readers in the USA are interested in raising a glass, we’re holding a craft beer toast to Michael Jackson, followed by a whisky chaser, at Delilah’s Chicago, 2771 N. Lincoln Ave., today from 4-8 PM. Julie Johnson from ALL ABOUT BEER will be there. The new BEER HUNTER, WHISKY CHASER books will be available onsite, and also online at

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