In Which I Sample Bud Light Platinum

(Scene: Beer Writer enters liquor store intent on purchasing wine. Pleasant young lady stands near the entrance offering small sample cups of Bud Light Platinum.)

Pleasant Young Lady: Would you like a sample of Bud Light Platinum?

Beer Writer: Why, yes. Yes, I would.

PYL: Here you go.

BW: (Holds transparent cup up to the light and eyes the almost water-pale liquid suspiciously. Sips once.)

PYL: So, what do you think?

BW: Well… (Sips beer again, noting faint grainy, vaguely grassy flavours in an otherwise astonishingly bland beer.)

PYL: Do you like it?

BW: No, I actually don’t at all.

PYL: That’s fine, everybody has their own taste.

BW: Yes, they do. Thank you.

(Beer Writer, sporting an amused grin, walks towards the French wine section and picks up a bottle of Chablis. Fade to black.)

11 Replies to “In Which I Sample Bud Light Platinum”

  1. Pretty sure you need to drink a sixpack in an evening to do a proper review. Get back to us with that. And that Crown Black Budweiser Rapper Cognac Special stuff, too. #makeitplatinumb

  2. Well, you didn’t really enjoy it the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed. The Pleasant Young Lady should have instructed you to chug the entire thing then served it to you in a red plastic cup into which she had recently thrown a ping pong ball.

  3. Quite right. Just because it’s not very good doesn’t mean you have to give it a bollocking. Its special punishment for not being very good is continuing to exist.

  4. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing this on twitter. You can also change the title name and insert Bud Black Crown wherever you put BL Platinum. Same beer I’m sure, but with a slightly different color.

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