I’m Officially in the Holiday Spirit

Today is Friday, December 3, 2009. The sun is shining outside my office window, signalling a crisp and entirely pleasant winter day. We still haven’t seen so much of a flake of snow. And I just handed over a project that has been long-developing and is long-overdue.

A block up the road from my condo, a new liquor store is about to open, which means I will no longer have to trudge to the good one a mile and a half away or the scuzzy one several blocks further up the road. I have practically nothing scheduled for this weekend, save for putting in what I anticipate will be an entirely enjoyable appearance at a friend’s seasonal gathering. And after she finishes a short day at work tomorrow, my wife has roughly the same list of obligations, which means we get to spend the better part of the weekend enjoying only each other’s company.

For the first time in well over a couple of months, I’m completely on top of my work – assignments, consultations, blogging, the lot. Pete Brown just won Beer Writer of the Year honours at the British Guild of Beer Writers Awards and says that he’s going to celebrate by consuming immodest quantities of beer this evening, and good on him for it (on both counts). Yesterday, I finally had the chance to sample the Ola Dubh 40 Year Old, which was and is plenty good to warrant its price tag of $18.95 a bottle.

I’m going to shop for Christmas presents this weekend and not worry about the cost. I’m going to enjoy a great beer and not worry about making notes. I’m going to cook a terrific meal and not worry about the calories.

In other words, all is right in my tiny corner of the world, as I very much hope it is in yours. Let the festivities begin! After the year that was, I’m in the mood for some holiday spirit!

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