For Western Canada, a Laudable Initiative

Calgary-based beer importer DeLancey Direct last week announce the launch of a major new draught beer initiative, the “Draught Beer Subscription Program.”

What the program offers bars and restaurants in Alberta and Saskatchewan is the opportunity to rotate their way through seasonal draught beer offerings, which DeLancey will bring in at the rate of two per month. Such brands will be offered exclusively to subscribed licensees.

Explaining the reasoning behind the program, Christian Finz, Managing Director of DeLancey Direct Inc. explained: “The large demand of craft beer on tap in western Canada is rising (and) bars, pubs, tap houses and  high end restaurants are more and more conscious about the beer they are serving to their guests – including of course draught beer. And so they are elevating their beer menus to higher standards.”

Breweries participating in the program include Fish Brewing, Ayinger, Schmaltz Brewing, Paddock Wood and Lindemans. The complete list is available here.

If you run a bar or restaurant out west, I encourage you to investigate further this program, and if you are a regular patron of a place that might benefit from the subscription initiative, let the proprietor or manager know what’s happening. This is a definite positive step for craft beer in western Canada.

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