Diageo UK Trying its Hand at Scrooge

While the global drinks industry may not have been hit as hard by the current recession as have many other industries, there is no doubt the economy is making its presence felt all over these days. Hence this latest announcement from Diageo UK.

According to a story by Janice Burns in the Daily Record, effective next year, Diageo will call to an end its practice of distributing Christmas hampers to its retired workers. Said hampers are said to be valued at about £30 and contain 3 bottles of Diageo booze.

Now, no one is saying that what is, after all, simply a kind gesture on the part of a very large company needs be continued indefinitely, but considering the £2 billion in profits the drinks giant is said to have made last year, this seems petty indeed. Coming on the heels of the company’s announcement of 900 Scottish worker layoffs, their timing must also be considered quite suspect.

Not clever, Diageo. Not terribly clever at all!

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