Counting Down: Looking Back, Looking Forward

A week from today will be Christmas, and a week after that the new year. So it seems a fine time to begin a look back at 2009 and, further on up the road, forward to 2010. First, though, let’s go backwards.

Best Book of the Year – In a year in which I not only co-authored a book of my own, The beerbistro Cookbook, but also contributed to a few others, you know that for me to overcome my own ego and say that Pete Brown’s Hops and Glory was the beer/non-beer book of the year, well, it has to be something pretty damn special. And it is. If you can find one of the few hardcover copies still kicking around in stores, buy it, for yourself or someone you care for. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for the softcover.

Inspired Self-Publishing Lunatic of the Year – If you enjoy reading Ron Pattinson’s “Shut Up About Barclay Perkins” blog as much as I do, then you simply must buy yourself some of his downloadable books. (They are available in hard copy, too.) His style is not so much a style per se as it is stream-of-consciousness, but extraordinarily well-informed stream-of-consciousness. You just need to experience it. Trust me.

Honourable Mention, and Less of a Lunatic: Jeff Evans has authored an ebook called Beer Lover’s Britain, and that’s exactly what it is. Indispensible for first-time vistors and quite useful even for old U.K. beer hands.

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