Big Brewery Trend for 2010 – Flavours

The past few years have seen the big breweries embrace flavours added to their beer in a big way, from the almost accidental success of Blue Moon to the juggernaut that was Bud Light Lime. And with most mainstream brands either stagnant or declining in sales, I expect we’ll see a lot more of this kind of thing coming down the pipe.

What kind of flavours, you ask? Well, leaving aside for a moment Molson-Coors’ experimentation with peanut butter at the GABF – under the Blue Moon banner – I imagine we’ll see a whole bunch of citrus before too long, from more lime to orange, lemon and maybe even grapefruit. It’s approachable, drinker-friendly and harmonizes well with the light tastes of most mainstream beers.

Anyone for Bud Light Tangerine?

2 Replies to “Big Brewery Trend for 2010 – Flavours”

  1. Are we getting so lazy we can’t slip a wedge of lime down the neck of a bottle? Somehow the brewery’s own additive “fruit” tastes very artifical to me – a bit metallic.

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