Best of 2013 Coming Up — Finally!

Okay, so I haven’t blogged and have barely social media-ed at all for the last month. I have reasons, personal ones that I won’t air out here, but which have left me rather preoccupied since before Christmas. Family stuff. It’s getting better, though, so I’ve been able to mull over my annual Best of the Year list. 

Ordinarily, I would have by now posted my regular slate of winners: Best Beer Place and Brewery of the Year for Ontario (my home province), Canada, the United States, Latin America, Australasia and Europe. But like I say, I’ve been busy with other stuff of late.

That all changes next week, though! Beginning Monday with the Best Beer Place of 2013, I will commence with the accolades, hopefully and barring any unforeseen developments finishing before the end of the month. 

So as they say on the television news: Stay tuned!

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