Yoghurtbier: Something New from the GABF?

Those of you familiar with Ron Pattinson’s blog “Shut Up About Barclay Perkins” will also be familiar with his posts on all things interesting, historic and occasionally downright weird. Like this:

Yoghurtbier…is not dissimilar in taste to Berliner Weissbier; it is made by souring the wort (of barley malt and wheat malt) with a pure culture of bacillus bulgaricus and fermenting the soured wort with a highly-attenuating top-fermenting yeast and contains living bacillus bulgaricus.

Sam Calagione’s newest project? No, that would be the spit beer. Something quite beyond the pale from southern California? Wrong again. The latest from Mikkeller? Third strike, you’re out!

Yoghurtbier is, according to Ron’s research, something widely brewed in central and northern Germany in the early 1900’s. And, according to my interpretation, further proof that there is no such thing as so-called “extreme” beer.

Go read more from Ron here.

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