What to Drink in 2016

Ah, ‘tis the season of lists. For weeks leading up to Christmas, we have been instructed on the top gifting options for the x-type-of-person on your list. Following the big day, these lists were quickly replaced by ‘Best of 2015’ lists, covering everything from news stories to cat photos. And as the first day of 2016 fast approaches, reflective lists are ceding space slowly to predictive lists, advising us what to watch, drive, eat, see and travel to in the coming year.

And what to drink, of course.

I figure that the reason people write all these lists is because other people want to read and reference them, and who am I to buck the trend?! My specialty is beer, but I also dabble in writing about pretty much anything alcoholic, save for wine – which I leave to my more learned peers. And so, since people are apparently clamoring for advice on what to drink during the approaching twelve months, I might as well chip in with my two cents.

Presenting, then, Stephen Beaumont’s list of what to drink in 2016!

  1. Whatever the hell you want.

Thanks for reading.

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