Well, I’ve Had Better GABFs…

Those of you with the time and interest to follow this blog may have wondered what happened to me at Denver’s Great American Beer Festival, during which I seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth following a single post, and one about whiskey, at that. Well, the story ain’t pretty.

On Thursday night, I enjoyed a splendid time following a most interesting session at the GABF hall, about which I’ll write a little later on. Unfortunately, the good times were not to last, as a pesky oyster I enjoyed rather later on in the night came back to haunt me at about 4:00 am and proceeded to make its presence felt rather emphatically over the following 24 hours and more. Yes, it was shellfish poisoning.

I still made it back to the Saturday afternoon session of the fest, but my palate was in less than ideal form and, in fact, still feels rather sluggish even today. So when I do write about the two GABF sessions I attended, and I promise I will, please expect nothing more than the most general of generalizations.

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    1. Thanks, Cornelia. The lingering effects on my stomach I can handle, but I am a trifle disturbed at not being able to taste properly yet. I do imagine, however, that this will come with time.

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