Uncle Jack Calling Me Out?!?

Now this is unusual. From time to time, in both the blogs I read and those I stumble upon, I come across a reference to something I’ve written, either recently or in the long-distant past. (When you’ve been doing this beer writing stuff for a couple of decades, there’s a fair amount of “long-distant past” kicking around out there.) But seldom do I get specificallGreat Lakes 666y called out, indeed openly challenged to provide a comment on some specific issue.

Yet verily, now is one of those times.

The usually redoubtable if occasionally sartorially suspect Mr. Jack Curtin has called upon me to weigh in on the subject of the Great Lakes Brewery’s 666 Devil’s Pale Ale, a beer with which I’m familiar, but which I have not to date reviewed. Jack likes it, Alan feels it might be quite Burton-like, someone posting under the initials “wk” (aka “silly moo”) doesn’t like it at all and I am now challenged to offer an opinion.

While I do not normally respond to provocation, as it turns out that I not only have a can of 666 in my fridge at this very moment, but was also by coincidence imbibing a classic Burton ale, Worthington White Shield, only a couple of days ago, I shall respond to Jack’s challenge. A little later on, though, as it’s not yet even 9:00 am. Stay tuned.

3 Replies to “Uncle Jack Calling Me Out?!?”

  1. Even though you have committed the unpardonable sin of misspelling my name in the fashion of the common folk, I am moved to respond that I consider my words more of an invitation than a challenge, but if I must be forever more known as the Man Who Called Out Stephen Beaumont, I shall wear the mantle as best I can.

    1. My profuse apologies, Jack. The error has now been fixed.

      In my defense, it was early in the morning when I wrote the post.

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