That Ol’ Integrity Bugaboo

Stan has brought the wine world’s airing of their not-really-so-dirty laundry to beer’s front stoop again, I’m sure solely in the interest of making us think and perhaps once again provoking Andy Crouch.

I was going to ignore the whole brouhaha, as I have in the past expended way too many keystrokes on it. But then I read Olly Wehring’s take on it at and had to reinforce the crux of his message:

There is no way that I could afford to pay to visit some of the places I’ve been to in my time at just-drinks. At the same time, if our writing had any kind of slant to it, I’d expect you, dear reader, to vote if not with your vocal disagreement, then certainly with your feet.

I won’t insult your intelligence, then, if you won’t insult mine.

Well put, Olly. Read his whole response here.

One Reply to “That Ol’ Integrity Bugaboo”

  1. All well and good until the dumbest statement of all time gets repeated: “I won’t insult your intelligence, then, if you won’t insult mine.”

    Up there with “are you still kicking your dog?” and about as meaningful.

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