Tasted!: Stone Lukcy Basartd

They’re arrogant, these bastards at the Stone Brewing Company. So much so that they intentionally wrote the label text for this 13th anniversary beer all mixed up, like “Oepn yuor mnid. Usa a craobwr if you msut.” Testing the theory that the mind will automatically unjumble the letters into something readable, or just being difficult. You be the judge – because I can’t be bothered reading further.

I can be bother to sample the beer, though, so let’s be at it. 8.5% alcohol, it would seem, and a slightly hazy russet colour. The nose is richly hoppy – surprise, surprise! – but with rich plum notes supporting the nutty, resinous hop aromas.

The beer hits the tongue with a fruit salad of flavours featuring canned cherries and apricots and a bit of orange marmalade. That is very shortly buried under an avalanche of seriously spicy hops – peppery, citrusy, pine resinous, rosemary-ish, and otherwise unapologetically bitter. The hop assault continues through the very bitter finish, leaving the tongue coated with oils that would need a mouth-sized ShamWow to remove.

In keeping with the Stone oeuvre, this is a monstrous beer with a massive hop content, intended for neither the faint of heart nor the lovers of malty balance in their beers. Unrepentant hopheads, however, will rejoice.

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