Stupid Statement of the Day

In response to the new, attention-getting Skyy Vodka ad below, a spokesman for the Marin Institute named Bruce Lee Livingston had this to say:

“This is just ridiculous, it’s porn-a-hol. Underage kids will look at this and associate sexual prowess with drinking Skyy.”

5 Replies to “Stupid Statement of the Day”

  1. At least, get your second grade spelling correct. Checked their website and see no reference. Back up your accusations with proof.

    1. I’m assuming you’re referring to Darcy’s spelling of paedophile, anonymous “Tell the Truth,” in which case you might want to pull out a dictionary. There you’ll find that “paedophile” is the original spelling and “pedophile” the U.S. derivative.

      As for the comparison, while it wouldn’t surprise me one bit, I haven’t seen the reference. Darcy?

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