Setting the Cause of Beer Knowledge Back Two Decades…

Just look at what Young Dredge found adorning the shelves of Tesco, Britain’s largest retailer. (Not beer retailer, mind you, but retailer, period.) “Fuller Flavoured Lagers” like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Innis & Gunn.

Imagine if they were promoting the arrival of “Big Bodied Red Wines” like Cakebread Cellars Reserve Chardonnay and Cloudy Bay Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc! Someone would be fired, I would think, or at least severely reprimanded.

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  1. Wow. That was hi-larious! Especially that not only was it written by someone, but someone else must have approved it before it got printed… Right now, I must admit that I am too entertained by the absurdity to be depressed about the fact that this sign exists…maybe it will hit me later.

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