Profiting From Jay’s Knowledge

I knew that it would be only a matter of time before my friend and colleague Jay Brooks got all the skinny regarding the Anchor Brewing sale, and he has not disappointed.

You should read the entire story here, and see more pics of the principles involved, like the one to the left that I unapologetically lifted from his site (from left to right, Tony Foglio, Fritz Maytag and Keith Greggor) , but here are the salient points of interest:

  • The new owners have a strong background of brand development;
  • Jay seems to think that they have as much respect for Anchor as Fritz does, and that’s good enough for me;
  • The story behind the curiously regimented news release is not nearly as odd as it first appeared.

But like I wrote, you should read it all for yourself here. There’s much more than what I just gave you.

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