Oh Yippee! Another New Guinness

Yes, fellow beer drinkers, in the wake of such spectacular failures as Guinness Light and Breo, the latter a truly awful wheat beer I happened to try when visiting Eire in the late 1990’s, the good folk at Diageo are gearing up to launch yet another brand spin-off.

Prepare yourselves for Guinness Black Lager!

According to the BBC, the brand is currently under trial in Northern Ireland and will be aimed directly at young bottled lager drinkers. According to Diageo managing director John Kennedy, the new beer represents “an evolution in lager making.”

Umm, that would be an “evolution” as in the centuries old Köstritzer Schwarzbier?

2 Replies to “Oh Yippee! Another New Guinness”

  1. It will be the same syrup used to make the Draught Guiness but pitched with bottom fermenting yeast and lagered for about a week or so…. If that is evolution, I’d rather stay with the dinosaurs

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