More American Craft Beer Week

One thing I didn’t mention in Tuesday’s post about American Craft Beer Week was touched on by Jim Dorsch in his comment, namely the marketing aspect of the “event.” The Brewers Association, which is the organization behind the ACBW, has as part of its mandate the promotion of domestic craft breweries, and to this end they obviously feel the Week is an effective tool.

And perhaps it is. I can easily see any number of beer drinkers signing the so-called Declaration of Beer Independence and supporting the Week, but at the same time, I strongly suspect that the vast majority of those people will be pre-existing supporters of craft beer. As for the legions of Bud and MGD and Coors Light drinkers, well, I wonder whether they’ll be swayed or put off by the whole thing.

And here’s another suspicion I hold: If you capture any given American craft brewer in an unguarded moment, I expect that he or she would probably agree that the whole exercise is more than a bit silly.

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