Miller Lite (SABMiller, USA; 4%):

Some p.r. person sent over a few cans of this beer following its introduction to the Canadian market, so I figure I’ll give it a try. Very light gold in colour, you can’t fault its generous fluffy head…except when it starts to collapse almost as quickly as it formed. The nose is very soft, with some hints of grainy sweetness and very light floral notes, perhaps even a whiff of tropical fruit. The body doesn’t taste like much of anything, really, with a little cereal sweetness up front and a slightly creamy, faintly caramelly flavour backed by corn-on-the-cob notes. At least the finish is dry, and very, very quick. People forgive beers like this as ‘lawnmower beers’ or ‘ballpark beers,’ but frankly I’d much rather a Pilsner Urquell – from the same brewer’s portfolio – in either of those situations.

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