Midday Taste Treat

For those of you who accuse me of trying to elevate beer to haute status all the time – you know who you are! – I give you a pre-lunch snack combination that should please one and all.

Salted, white corn tortilla chips + salsa verde + Bohemian-style pilsner

Nothing fancy here, just mild spice with nice fruitiness blending beautifully with salt and floral hoppiness. Better, I’ll bet, than a good 80% of the nacho platters served in North American bars.

I like to make my own salsas, but I’m also a big fan of the Hernandez Salsa Verde, which I’m using here. All natural with nothing in it but tomatillos, onions, Serrano peppers, salt and coriander. The beer I’m drinking is a local one: King Pilsner.

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