Making Myself Thirsty

You think it’s easy being a drinks writer? Okay, then you try chasing down two important story deadlines on a Monday morning, and making yourself extraordinarily thirsty by 10:00 am!

Seriously, first it was culling through cocktail books and realizing that I haven’t had a Ramos Gin Fizz or Corpse Reviver for all too long, and yet have all the ingredients but a cocktail shaker’s shake away. Then it was describing the refreshing and rewarding nature of German hefeweizens as the temperature continued to climb in my not-yet-air-conditioned office. (I still don’t understand why my condo building has such a difficulty switching over from heat to a/c every spring, especially when so many of the units, like our own, have expansive windows that heat up the place in no time on a sunny day like today.)

Okay, so you don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t blame you; I wouldn’t feel sorry for me, either. But I could still murder a weissbier or good, quenching cocktail right about now…

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