Machete Beer?

Joe Stange is in Costa Rica, not on vacation but assignment. Working there. But he’s still the Thirsty Pilgrim, so he’s still posting to his beer blog. And he’s still producing thoughtful work, as ever.

Like this one, in which he waxes on about the suitability of a good session beer in hot climes. Which, of course, is true, but has never stopped me from craving a cold Duvel on a Mexican or Cuban or Portuguese beach. (I will drink the local lager under such relaxing conditions, but usually only as a first drink of the day, and usually in mid-morning because I’m on vacation. Then I switch to local spirits in their varying cocktail forms.)

But I don’t want to talk about session beers. I want to talk about those machete beers Joe mentions in his second paragraph! We all know about lawnmower beers, whether you believe them to be mainstream lagers, as most do, or solid blonde ales, pilsners or wheat beers, as I do, but what of a machete beer? It couldn’t be strong, obviously, since those machetes are sharp and heavy and dangerous. (I’ve got one stashed away somewhere, a gift from my late grandfather which was in turn a gift to him during World War II. So potential burglars be forewarned.) But all the same, it would need more heft than a lawnmower beer, methinks, if only in homage to the seriousness of the blade. Maybe a mild served well-chilled for refreshment? Or a cold stout?

What do you think?

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