Let’s Talk the S. Pellegrino Top 100 Restaurants List

The new list of the Top 100 Restaurants in the World is out and number 1 is Noma in Copenhagen, fronted by young star René Redzepi. He cooks with local produce, creating what might be thought of as true Nordic flavours in an idiosyncratic style, and according to many of the usual pundits, it’s a worthy dethroning of Adrià and El Bulli.

That’s what everyone is talking about. Here’s what they’re not.

Noma has a beer list that would put almost any top rated restaurant in the world to shame! Check it out over here, pages 45 to 48. Pale ales, pilsners, IPAs, stouts and porters, barley wines: all Danish or Swedish, all craft or close to craft. (Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Brewery figures thrice in the barley wine class.) All impressive.

Great food, evidently the world’s best, with great beer! Now that’s something we all can drink to!!

4 Replies to “Let’s Talk the S. Pellegrino Top 100 Restaurants List”

  1. I wet to Gordon Ramsey at the London (in New York) last year, and the beer list there was excellent as well. A dozen hand picked beers, about six on tap. Great for lunch.

  2. New York is ever-improving in that regard; fine dining with beer. The Gramercy led the way and others are following suit en masse.

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