Let Us Rejoice

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of all the economic doom and gloom that surrounds us. Sure, it’s a definite reality and one which affects all too many innocent souls, but day in and day out depression does no one any good. So here are some reasons to rejoice today:

1) Cask Ale Week begins next week in the U.K., shining a spotlight on the fact that, as Pete Brown reminds us, cask-conditioned ale is the single best performing sector of the beer market in ol’ Blighty.

2) Bud Light is no longer the world’s best selling beer, a fact that is apparently causing conniptions within the ranks of the world’s largest brewing company.

3) In North America, craft brewed beer continues to sell well, despite and regardless of the economic uncertainties of today. Say that again with me, “Craft brewed beer continues to sell well.”

4) Spring is just around the corner, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

5) Today marks the start of the Cask Ale Crawl in Toronto, proving that cask-conditioned ale is doing pretty well on this side of the pond, too.

6) It’s time for Session #26 and our host, the inestimable Lew Bryson, has us actually talking about beer for a change, instead of musing all New Age-y like about what a particular aspect of beer means to us. I’ll be writing up my first ever World of Beer Session post later on today, so check back with me here and with Lew there.

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