Lambic Disaster

I had some friends over for dinner last night, an event at which I planned to serve a four year old bottle of Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek as aperitif. I did, that is, until I found that the wonderful Leblon Cachaca has finally made it to my local liquor store and quickly changed the menu to include caiprihinias rather than lambic.

All of which is my way of introducing Drie Fonteinen to this post and telling you of some bad news I received this morning concerning Armand Debelder’s magnificent lambic brewery, courtesy of Joe Strange over at Thirsty Pilgrim. Apparently, an equipment malfunction has led to the ruination of some 100,000 bottles of Armand’s beer, representing about one-third of his yearly income! It seems as if it would be catastrophic to his business and makes me want to fly immediately to Brussels and buy all the Drie Fonteinen beer I can, but as Strange reports, it might not be as bad as all that. Check out the full story here and then drop on by the brewery website to offer a word or two of support (and congratulations, as Strange also tells us that Armand is also recently engaged).

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