Is De Koninck In Play?

Dutch and Belgian news reports are suggesting that the family-owned De Koninck brewery of Antwerp, Belgium, could be the subject of a bidding war!

It’s no secret that De Koninck’s fortunes have been on the wane in recent years, with sales of its eponymous brand down almost everywhere. Some reports are even suggesting that overall sales have halved in the past several years, despite the addition of new brands to the brewery’s portfolio. So who would want this regional brewery with sliding sales?

Heineken! That’s who! And also, apparently, Duvel Moortgat! and ADP News both suggest that a bidding war may have broken out between the two companies, with confirming and adding that Heineken is staying silent on such speculation. The final price, according to sources, could be in the tens of millions of euros.

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