Innismouth Olde Ale (Narragansett Brewing, Rhode Island office, contract brewed in New York, USA; 7%):

I know nothing of H. P. Lovecraft, to whom this beer is dedicated, but the idea of an “olde ale” in a can is, to say the least, rather odd. Nonetheless, the bright amber colour is attractive, as is the very winey nose, rich with plum, raisin and stewed fruit aromas alongside hints of sherryish oxidization. The body starts sweet, raw sugary sweet, before breaking into more plummy body with still sugary notes, some molasses and hints of licorice candy, finishing sweet and even a bit cloying, like a children’s purple candy. This is a beer that could stand some aging; it may turn out rubbish afterwards, but right now it is entirely too sweet and candy-ish. Hence my original incredulity regarding the can.

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