I’m Confused

I received a press release today from  Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery, touting their new summer seasonal and leading with the following paragraph:

April 7, 2010- Bend, Oregon– Deschutes Brewery releases its super sessionable summer seasonal, Twilight Ale, this month.  This crisp and effervescent ale makes summer barbeques, trailhead gatherings, outdoor concerts and the like even more outstanding. Twilight Ale is perfect to enjoy just as the sun sets during those extended summer evenings.

Now, while I have not tasted it as yet, I’ve no reason to believe that Twilight will be anything but a sophisticated summer sipper. That’s not what is confusing me. What I don’t understand is what the devil a “trailhead gathering” is!

Anyone? Bueller?

2 Replies to “I’m Confused”

  1. trailhead gathering ~= the time at a trailhead immediately before or immediately after a trail run, hike, ride, or trail maintenance

  2. Oh, see, I was confused by the fact that summer is still two months away. For a summer seasonal. This seems early even by Deschutes’ standards.

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