Iconoclasts United

In the wake of a relaxing Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I open my email to find some serious icon bashing has been taking place while I’ve been stuffing myself with turkey and two types of stuffing. And I’m inspired to join in…

1)      David Chang I don’t really know, but Anthony Bourdain I’m quite familiar with, so when the two of them headline a beer-fuelled bitch panel at the New York Wine & Food Festival, I’m interested in the results. The profanity-laced report is here, and my vote goes along with Chang on Guy Fieri and people who take pictures of their food at restaurants. But really, how can anyone hate cupcakes…?

2)      The Times Online reports that German food writer Jörg Zipprick has taken on the molecular cuisine of über-star chef Ferran Adria from Spain’s El Bulli. The problem is, he takes issue with a supposed “health danger” inherent in Adria’s ingredients rather than the smoke-and-mirrors of his cuisine. (Disclosure: I have not actually tasted Adria’s food, but have sampled sufficient dishes inspired by him to say I find far more interest and enjoyment in the taste of my food than its gimmickry.)

3)      A press release received this morning notes that “draught masters” from 32 countries will compete in New York this October 29 for Stella Artois’ “World Draught Master” title. Please. The ability to pour and serve a proper beer according to its style, whether from the tap or bottle, is something which deserves encouragement on many levels, for certain, but the so-called  “9-Step Belgian Pouring Ritual” for Stella is nothing more than a promotional crock.

There. I feel better now.

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