How Cool is This?

Yes, we’re still mired in a global recession, but the beer business remains good, by all indications. And astonishingly, even the beer writing business appears healthy.

Just look at the evidence: Stan had to plead work when he missed last week’s Session; Melissa is so caught up in business she hasn’t even had time to take more than a quick glance at the new Cask Report, which was authored by Pete Brown; Lew made it to the Session, but was otherwise so stretched that he has been sticking to pithy one and two line posts, à la Jeffrey, and even had to limit himself to three sentences about Porktoberfest; and even Uncle Jack is down to a mere four posts a day, well off his usual ten or twenty (the bastard!).

Me, I’m balancing a column about brandy with a feature on the reinvention of British pub grub, the planning of an all-American beer dinner, flying to Atlanta on Thursday and, oh ya, the purchase of a new condo and imminent move from here to there.

It’s all good, people. All very, very good.

(So what’s Alan’s problem then…?)

One Reply to “How Cool is This?”

  1. Just a bad bout of the cartooning-itis. It Brown’s own fault for having an easily tinkered with press photo with the white background.

    Oh, yes, and the US law potentially intervening with beer blogging revenue where it would not date interfere with professional beer writing revenue. There is that, too.

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