Housekeeping and Beer

You may notice that World of Beer looks a bit different now, primarily because I’ve finally taken the time to figure out how these widget thingys work. (Next up: twitter?) And if you look to the right, you’ll notice that the Facebook badge touts a blurb of text along the lines of “Colorado, USA: Avery Brewing Company’s…” You may wonder what it all means.

Well, first off, it means that if you’re on Facebook and haven’t already liked the World of Beer page, well, shame on you. You’re missing out on reviews like the one I posted about Greg Nash’s tremendous Kryptonite from Halifax’s Hart & Thistle a few days ago, not to mention the easiest way imaginable to keep up to date on new posts here and at my other two blogs.

More importantly, however, it touts my review of a limited edition, barrel-aged beer from Colorado’s Avery Brewing, which is everything I could write in 420 characters and much, much more. The bad news is that precious little of this wonderful, 9.9% ale – I still can’t believe it’s that strong! – made it outside of Boulder. On the positive side, though, the label on the bottle i have states “60 cases shared, 37 hoarded.” So there’s hope yet!

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